Helping Our Veterans

Helping Our Veterans

LZ Wings connects military war veterans with other war veterans in a unique way. There have always been large groups where veterans can meet to socialize, mentor other veterans, and share stories about their military experiences.

Those veterans organizations, such as the VFW, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and others, do important work, and provide valuable help to veterans – and many of our LZ Wings members belong to those organizations.

But LZ Wings is different. We operate on a small-scale and very personal level.

That really matters, because many veterans don’t fit in with the large organizations and are looking for a more personal connection. Those veterans are not looking for a clubhouse, not looking for big parties, and are not looking for programs. They are looking for something different – something more personal.

And LZ Wings is definitely something different. We offer veterans a chance to take an airplane ride in a small airplane piloted by other veterans, as a way to experience friendship, camaraderie, and (yes) even some fun.

This is the kind of experience many veterans have missed since they separated from active duty, and has been shown to have therapeutic and healing effects.

It’s a great experience, and there is absolutely zero cost for the veteran.

LZ Wings

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Your generous donation to LZ Wings will help us guide younger veterans through the lingering emotional effects of their wartime experiences.
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Our Pilots Are Vietnam Veterans

Our experienced pilots are Vietnam veterans and are holders of Commercial Pilot certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.
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