Lisa: Just a few things I thought were worth mentioning…just some suggestions and/or observations. Sorry if the page is slow to load. I didn’t do any kind of optimization at all. Suggestions are below each screenshot.


Personal opinion on design: I think the page would be more attractive if, instead of having the images be “dark” and becoming brighter when hovered over, if you had the images bright (normal) and then get darker when hovered over. Or maybe use some other effect instead of changing brightness. I also recommend this for the other pages where the “dark-to-bright” effect is used.

Also, when viewing the site on my iPad and iPhone, there is no way to hover over anything, but I can do a thing where I just lightly put my finger on one of the images, it might do the effect but sometimes it also bring up a dialog box offering me various choices for things such as “Add to reading list” or “Open in Incognito.” Not useful. Of course if I really tap on the image, it takes me to the actual page as expected.

On all the “story” pages (and other pages throughout the site) when viewed on iPad or iPhone there is a lot more space between the image and the text than what you probably wanted.

Do you think these images would look a lot better if the faint “captions” were retouched out of the images? I mean…I don’t know if those were added to the images at some other time for some other website or what, but they don’t look good here. If you need help with retouching those things, send them to me, and I can do them for you.

I didn’t copyedit the website, but I did notice a typo near the top of the Home page. I’m sure you will see it the instant you look at it.


And even though I didn’t copyedit the site, see below for a few other things I noticed.

Here is another place where I think there is more space between an image and the text…at least this is the way it looks when I view it.

Copy issues:

• Unless “Greenways” is an actual proper noun, the word should be set in lowercase everywhere you mention it.

• Same for the word “Neighborhood”

• In the phrase “down quiet, neighborhood streets,” delete the comma after “quiet”

• In the phrase “I explored Portland on bike” should rewrite as “I explored Portland by bike” or “I explored Portland on my bike”

• “bicycle route signage” should be “bicycle-route signage”




I’m sorry that I don’t remember where this was on the website, but you probably will know. There are some copy issues here:

• I see what looks like some double wordspaces…check to see if that’s the case.

• Change “the photos are taken by” to “the photos were taken by”

• In all instances change “Mr. T.” to “Mr. T” (no period)

• Delete the phrase “I know” …or … if you still wanted to make it more personal, you could rewrite something like: “A friend of mine, Mr. T, is a great professional photographer and has agreed to blah blah blah”

• “Mr. T explains this photo” should be “Mr. T explains that this photo” …… or you could say, “Mr. T took this photo early one morning, and he couldn’t resist…blah blah blah”

• End the “hint” with a period as “vicinity of Mt. Tabor.)”



Problems with the article about Cindy Hooker…

• The phrase at the beginning should be rewritten something like:
After watching this video, I just knew she was going to bring…

After watching video, I just know she is going to bring…

• In the second blurb, “awhile” should be “a while”

• In the third blurb, “first-hand” should be “firsthand”

• In the phrase “unhappy, unappreciated and underutilized,” insert a comma after unappreciated. (Unless you don’t want to use the Oxford comma…in which case, be sure you are consistent throughout…using it or not.

• The phrase “wants to reach as many people possible” should be “wants to reach as many people as possible”

• The phrase “so that they” should be “so they”

• …”certified as Positive Psychology Coach, should probably be “certified as a “Positive Psychology Coach,”

• “so that she could help” should be “so she could help”
• “of clients that she serves” should be “diversity of clients she serves”

The problems shown here are in the How To Find A Tudor Revival story.

Such a really nice photo of you.