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How LZ Wings Helps Rockford Area Veterans

Lots of veterans feel alone. They feel that no one “gets it.” And they’re right. Even though their time in the military was hard, they miss the personal relationships of their military experience. LZ Wings gives these veterans a chance to take an airplane ride in a small airplane piloted by other veterans, as a way to experience friendship, camaraderie, and (yes) even some fun.

Cessna 150 at Cottonwood Airport.

What We Do For Veterans

LZ Wings offers military veterans a unique and therapeutic experience interacting with other veterans.
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Who We Are

We are a group of older war veterans working to help younger veterans deal with lingering emotional trauma.
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Thank you

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to the great business people and others who have donated so much to keep us flying.
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Hi! I’m Carl Nuccio, and I’m going to run Currahee Mountain, looking for people who want to help veterans

For many of our veterans, the wars didn’t end when they came back home. LZWings offers help to veterans who could use some friendship and camaraderie. As my way of helping, I’m going to make the run up Currahee Mountain, and hope you will also help by making a generous donation to help our veterans. I pledge that 100 percent of all donations will go to help our veterans who did so much for us.

Carl Nuccio

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The LZ Wings Cessna 172

The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.

CALVIN COOLIDGE • 30th U.S. President

We Can’t Do This Without You

Your generous contribution, no matter the amount, will help us keep helping our local veterans.

U.S. Army Bird Dog

Rockford Veterans Helping Rockford Veterans

Cessna 172

Our Airplane

Our Cessna 172 is carefully maintained and piloted by Vietnam veteran Nick Parnello of Rockford.
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Cessna 172 interior

How to Get a Ride

If you are a veteran honorably discharged from the U.S. military, call to schedule a ride with us.
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Donate to LZ Wings

Please Donate

Your donation to LZ Wings will help us guide veterans through the emotional effects of their wartime experiences.
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Our veterans put themselves out there to protect our freedoms. I seek to honor them with friendship, camaraderie, and some fun.

Nick Parnello
LZ Wings Founder
Vietnam Veteran and Chief PIlot

The LZ Wings pilots and crew are all volunteers. They do this because it’s fun, and because it helps other veterans. The airplane is paid for – but still, there are always expenses. Lots of them.

The LZ Wings volunteers consider their hard work a labor of love. But even volunteer organizations need donations to keep things going. To keep the airplane going, there is aviation fuel to buy, hangar rent to pay, and maintenance costs to keep it flying.

We are extremely grateful that so many local businesses, organizations, and individuals have made amazing in-kind and cash donations that have made LZ Wings possible. But we still need help in the form of donations large and small from people like you. Please give generously so we can keep LZ Wings flying. Thank you.

LZ Wings 815.968.1040